Large Loads and Refrigerated Trucks
Serving Canada and the USA

At Razir Transport Services, we make sure that all of our equipment is state of the art. We make sure that all of our supplies are new, well-maintained and environmentally friendly. In order to protect your cargo (including perishable foods) in Canada and the USA, we want to avoid breakdowns at any cost. That’s why all of our trucks and trailers are no older than 4 model years.


Our fleet includes:


  • 50 trucks (Volvo, International and Kenworth)
  • 90 Tridem trailers
  • Trailers equipped with Carrier or Thermo King refrigerated units
  • Multi-temperature or single-temperature capabilities


Tracking Your Cargo with the Latest Technology

Not only do we keep our fleet in tip-top shape, we use the latest technology in our office in order to give you the best customer service. We have an in-house technician to prevent downtime, and we use the latest mileage and freight brokerage software to maximize our efficiency. Thanks to our satellite tracking and telecommunication systems, we always know exactly where our trucks are across North America. When you hire us for transport , we’ll be able to keep track of your delivery’s progress.


To find out more about how our technology can benefit your company, contact Razir Transport Services today.

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