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Refrigerated Transport in Canada

Shipping Updates and Reporting

When you hire Razir Transport Services to transport your goods, you can rely on our fleet of trucks and our committed customer service. We maintain close communication with our clients from start to finish, ensuring that your goods are delivered safely and on-time.


Real-Time Shipping Updates

Our satellite tracking and telecommunication systems mean that we always know the exact locations of our trucks. Our dispatch program works in real time; as soon as our trucks arrive and leave, we’ll have a record of it in our database.


Reporting Capabilities

One of the most important things that our customers depend on is to know when their product left the shipper, when it is on its route, and the delivery time when it reaches the consignee.


  • Our experienced dispatching staff follow up with our GPS program and check in with carriers, to find out where the load is, check if it is picked up on time and see if it was delivered to the receiver on time.
  • Should there be any issue arising due to road closure, a breakdown, or some other issue where a pickup or delivery cannot be met, we work closely with our drivers and carriers to provide an ETA and, if necessary, reschedule the delivery.
  • Our code of conduct as a company requires that there is always clear communication, honesty and respect along with clear and proper documentation with any loads that are being transported by or on behalf of Razir Transport Services. If this strict policy is not adhered to, our board of directors will address the situation and will follow up with all parties involved accordingly.


If you have a question about your delivery, or you want to speak with us about our shipping services, call Razir today.

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