Workplace Performance

Razir Transport operates within a strong legislative framework for labour practices, human rights, and occupational health and safety. Our workplace policies are intended to comply with all legislative requirements at a minimum, to signal our commitment to our employees, and to clearly communicate our expectations to all employees. Beyond our policy framework, we have many unwritten practices that can be summed up as Razir culture. It’s a culture that values individual employees and ensures that everyone takes responsibility for safety and a healthy, respectful work environment.

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Workplace Management

Our Policy Framework

In 2018 we approved a corporate Safety Policy as the guiding document for our developing Safety and Health Program. We have completed the first steps of the SAFE Work Certification under the RPM Trucking Industry Safety program.


Our operating policies support the overarching commitments in our Corporate Responsibility Policy and Safety Policy.

We have established supporting policies for the following:

  • Code of Conduct – sets general expectations for employees
  • Equality and Diversity – establishes a commitment to fair treatment and non-discrimination 
  • Anti-harassment – provides for a respectful workplace free of abuse, sexual harassment or any other form of harassment
  • Administration of Discipline – clearly communicates our progressive discipline approach
  • Employee/Driver Health and Hygiene – protects employees and our cargo


We ensure that our employees understand their responsibilities. Our drivers acknowledge these by signing statements on:

  • Driver Safety Policy
  • Their safety performance rating (annual)
  • Medical fitness to operate a vehicle (annual)
  • Handheld Device Policy
  • Zero tolerance for being under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs while on duty
  • Disciplinary Policy


We Put Safety First

Safety is well regulated in our industry. Department of Transportation regulations cover, for example, our drivers’ hours of service – they may drive 13 hours maximum within a 14 hour on duty period and must then rest 10 hours before reporting for duty again. We treat regulations as our baseline and empower our drivers to make appropriate safety decisions. We let them decide if they need more time to rest before driving again.

All our safety practices are covered in our orientation for new drivers. In these we emphasize driver responsibility for ensuring their vehicle is roadworthy at all times. If there is any maintenance issue, for example a malfunctioning signal light, we instruct them to wait and get it repaired before resuming their route.

We closely monitor driver performance to ensure that our drivers stay safe and Razir stays in compliance with all traffic and occupational safety regulations. All our trucks are equipped with speed limiting devices. The combination of GPS units and driver log books allows us to spot potentially unsafe driving behaviour and discuss it with the driver. We also investigate with the driver any traffic infractions resulting in a ticket and apply progressive discipline if needed.

We take a similar approach with health and hygiene, treating regulations as our foundation and building on them through our Employee Health and Hygiene Policy. Our staff members are WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System) certified.

We Are Loyal to Our Drivers and They Return It

We aim to recruit the best drivers, so we offer highly competitive compensation and a full benefits package that includes family coverage for extended health benefits and long term disability insurance. We enable drivers to take long leaves and do not reassign their vehicles while they are away.

We Promote a Culture of Respect

We are proud of the diverse, skilled team at Razir. We reinforce the value of respect through our Equality and Diversity Policy and our Anti-Harassment Policy. As a relatively small operator, we are able to establish and promote our culture through regular face to face communication.


Safety Results
Our safety performance reflects our efforts – zero fatalities, zero lost time injury events and zero lost days due to injury for the calendar years 2016 and 2017.


2017 2016

Lost time injuries 0 0

Lost days 0 0

Fatalities 0 0

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