Sustainable Procurement

Razir Transport recognizes that we are part of a chain of value creation stretching from our suppliers and their suppliers on one end to our customers and their consumers on the other. In 2018 we took the step of surveying business partners along that chain to better understand their sustainability priorities and challenges. This can help us work with our business partners to reduce our collective environmental footprint and make business safer and healthier for all.

Our business partner survey
We designed a simple online survey to begin a dialogue with 31 key customers and suppliers. Our survey had nine questions covering sustainability policy, recent priorities, successes, future focus, industry challenges, and company contacts. The response rate for customers was 35% and for suppliers 39%, which gives us a baseline picture of the sustainability interests of our main business partners.

The results show that we are in good company with our business partners in developing a sustainability policy. While worker and public safety has been the focus recently, survey respondents intend to focus equally on safety and environmental performance in the next three years. Actions taken by our business partners range from community outreach to specific training and equipment decisions for reducing emissions.

We see the survey as the first step in working with business partners to develop more sustainable supply chains for our customers.

Vehicle procurement
We recognize that choosing safe and fuel efficient trucks is one of the best procurement decisions we can make, for our business, our drivers and the environment.

We keep our fleet current and select optional safety features. In 2018 we replaced about a third of our trucks with Volvo trucks featuring advanced technology for fuel efficient and safe driving. See Environmental Performance page for more information. Check out Volvo’s specifications for more information on our latest trucks.

If you are a business partner, please contact us to discuss how we can work with you to achieve your corporate responsibility goals.

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