Our Policy Framework

Our employment policies support the overarching commitments in our Corporate Responsibility Policy.

We have established operational policies for the following:

  • Ethical Business Conduct Policy – sets the tone and overall corporate policy 
  • Code of Conduct – provides detail of employee responsibilities and specifically prohibits anticompetitive practices and any form of corruption or bribery
  • Administration of Discipline Policy – ensures that our policies are understood and enforced


We ensure that our employees understand their responsibilities. Our drivers acknowledge these by signing statements on:

  • Disciplinary Policy
  • Employee Confidentiality


Fair Dealing with Clients

Reliability is the key for our clients. They need to know that their shipment will be delivered on time and in good condition. There are many factors we cannot control, such as weather and traffic conditions, but if we are ever delayed we communicate promptly to any affected clients and do whatever it takes to get their shipment where it needs to go, often at our own expense.

As freight rates are a competitive factor, we maintain client confidentiality about rate structures.

We have been awarded the 2016 Carrier of the Year Award for Coke’s Minute Maid Division in recognition of our service.

Fair Dealing with Suppliers

We treat all carriers fairly. When we are operating at capacity with our own trucks, we broker loads to smaller freight services. For these small carriers, cash flow is critical. We have retained the loyalty of our stable of carriers by paying them promptly. While the industry standard for paying bills is often 90 days on submission of paperwork, we pay within 30 days and can offer support in securing paperwork.

Supporting Society and Communities

We take seriously our responsibilities as a corporate citizen. We meet our security responsibility through our CPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) certification. We maintain membership in the Manitoba Trucking Association to uphold the standards of our industry and we provide financial support to a variety of community groups that are important to our employees.

To hire us to transport your products with our refrigerated trucks or to apply to work with our company, please contact us .

Fair Business Performance

Razir Transport takes pride in our reputation for fair dealing – with clients, suppliers and other business partners, and community groups. Trust is an essential element in our industry and we go to great lengths to earn and maintain the trust and respect of those we work with. Our approach to fair business practices is largely the result of the values that are communicated by the ownership and senior management teams. It is backed up by a strong set of policies.

“Razir Transport Services Ltd. is committed to maintaining our reputation of conducting business in a fair, impartial, ethical and proper manner. Therefore, integrity must underlie all company relationships, including those with customers, suppliers, communities and among employees.”

- Excerpt from Razir Transport Ethical Business Conduct Policy

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